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                           Stina Richardson BSC (Hons), Member of CthA & MHbA
              Accredited HypnoBirthing® Teacher of the Original Mongan Method

"Firstly...Congratulations! This is a very special time and I would love to teach
                               your HypnoBirthing®  and/or be your Doula."

Stina trained at the University of Westminster (Complementary Therapies Degree, 2004). She later trained with Elena Tonetti, founder of 'Birth into Being,' (see the link in tabs) a pioneer of waterbirthing promoting trauma-free birthing worldwide. Stina has since worked in health, specialising in HypnoBirthing® and Body-Memory Therapy - see my sister website - www.bodymemorytherapy.co.uk.

Stina also works as a Doula, mentored by Doula UK, to offer couples the benefits of continuity of support before, during and after birth. Doula/HypnoBirthing® packages are available. (http://doula.org.uk/content/stina-richardson-doula-profile).
For further information regarding Doula Services also visit the Dates & Prices page. 


                                     Bluey and I the day after he was born at home in a birthing pool

Message from Stina

"I've had the priviage of putting HypnoBirthing® to the test! I experienced a beautiful birth with my little boy Blu at home, in water with two independent midwives. 

He took 19 hours to say hello. He was calm, didn't cry, suckled immediately and to our surprise, was 9 1/2 lbs / 4.3kg. Although his head was 14 inches - the second largest the midwives had seen in a newborn -   I didn't tear! I still cannot quite comprehend how this was possible but I put this down to the fact that I was relaxed and trusted my body. 

I slowed down at the end instead of forced pushing and did the J-breath technique so my muscles were soft and relaxed. I have to say the 'Epi-no' must have also helped (it's like a rubber balloon that you inflate gradually inside you day by day). I started a month or so before the due time and it gently stretched my passage and opening. It was like perineal massage, but taken that stage further. The idea is that you gradually build up daily to 10inches diameter as this is the size of the average baby's head. I could only get to 8cm, and was so disillusioned, yet it really must have helped because with all the endorphins and other hormones flooding the body, his head was 14inches and without tearing. It apparently helps that when the head is crowning, to not push as this can increase the chances of tearing, but then again, its OK, you will have a beautiful baby in your arms and  it will heal.

Having independent midwives was invaluable. This meant there was continuity; I got to know them as  I was allocated two ladies and they came to the house on prenatal visits, sparing the tedious hospital visits. Independent midwives also meant that during birth there was less time pressure and unnecessary 'protocol.' For example, when I was already 8cm dilated and my contractions spaced out during the day, instead of sending me off for induction - to increase regularity - they let me sleep and drank cups of tea! Blu was instead born in his own time, peacefully that night.

Hypnobirthing  had given me a set of tools. I had practiced most techniques before birth, some more than others and found that depending on how I felt, I chose whatever felt right. Sound became central to my "surge routine". I was saying "om" repeatedly  and it helped me focus on my out breath. It was very calming and Blu would have felt it inside me also.

If you would like to read more, visit the Phoenix Midwives website, where you can read my testimony and see more photos of Blakeny - Blu's birth. 



Thank you Marie for founding Hypnobirthing, midwives Tracy and Glenis and Elena Tonetti of 'Birth into Being' for your beautiful film which inspired the birth.